Saturday April 02, 2016
The Paul Chapman and Sons Lions were on the wrong end of a 56 points to 34 score-line last night against Lakeside at the Arena Essex Raceway.

Despite the result it was an encouraging start for Leicester as just two points separated the teams after six heats. The closeness of the scoring quickly slipped away though as the Hammers pressed ahead to win seven of the next nine races.

Adam Ellis was an outstanding guest in place of the unavailable Josh Auty and Paul Starke delivered another high scoring performance. Patrick Hougaard scored nine points which included a win spoiling Richard Lawson’s aspirations of going through the card unbeaten by a Leicester rider. Six points shared between four of the Lions team was too much of a burden to carry.


Lakeside 56 points: Andreas Jonsson 14+1, Piotr Swiderski 10+2, Lewis Bridger 7+2, Richard Lawson 10+1, Kim Nilsson 9+1, Robert Mear 1 and Lewis Kerr 5

Leicester 34 points: Patrick Hougaard 9, Nicolai Klindt 1, Grzegorz Walasek 0, Szymon Wozniak 2, Sebastian Ulamek 3, Adam Ellis 11+1 and Paul Starke 8+2

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