Sunday June 05, 2016
Nail biting last heat deciders have become the norm at Beaumont Park and last night’s Elite League fixture against the Swindon Robins was another such match.

It was the visitors who forged into an early lead in a re-run of Heat 3 following a disqualification for Aaron Summers who had locked up in front of Jason Doyle who thinking that the Lions rider was going to fall slid off to avoid an impact. In the re-start Doyle and Justin Sedgmen outpaced Davey Watt to post a 5-1.

Two races later and the Paul Chapman and Sons Lions were back on level terms through their captain Nicolai Klindt who covered second place behind Ludvig Lindgren. The same pairing repeated their success in Heat 9 when Klindt rounded Nick Morris on the first bend and Lindgren chased down Stefan Nielsen, finally drawing level as the two came out of the fourth bend. With the greater speed Lindgren overtook the Robins rider to join his teammate at the front.

As quickly as the Lions gained an advantage it was counteracted by Swindon achieving a similar result. Then two back-to-back maximum scores courtesy of their in-form riders Patrick Hougaard, Josh Auty, Nicolai Klindt and Ludvig Lindgren lifted Leicester into the lead for the first time.

The Lions advantage was short-lived as Doyle and Sedgmen restored the visitors lead and with the points in the final two heats shared it was Swindon who took home the match points.


Leicester 44 points: Patrick Hougaard 9+1, Nicolai Klindt 10+3, Aaron Summers 1, Paul Starke 3+2, Davey Watt 1, Ludvig Lindgren 10+1 and Josh Auty 10+1

Swindon 46 points: Jason Doyle 17+1, Josh Grajczonek 9+1, Rider Replacement for Rohan Tungate, Nick Morris 5, Justin Sedgmen 9+3, Charles Wright 4 and Stefan Nielsen 2+1

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