Friday July 15, 2016
Without three of Leicester’s riders the team was completed with two guests, Hugh Skidmore and Michael Palm Toft together with rider replacement.

The six man Paul Chapman and Sons Lions were narrowly beaten 48-42 but collected a consolation bonus match point.

It was an impressive performance that was spearheaded by two former Belle Vue riders Patrick Hougaard and Michael Palm Toft against the Aces who are one of the contenders for a place in the play-off semi-finals in September.

An opening salvo by the home riders saw them forge into a six points lead only for Michael Palm Toft and Josh Auty to post a 5-1 in Heat 4 and this success was followed up with another maximum score through Patrick Hougaard and Szymon Wozniak two races later. By the end of the eighth heat the scores were level and whilst the Aces gained the advantage afterwards there were no more than four points ahead at any given time.

A terrific ride by Patrick to beat Belle Vue’s top duo Matej Zagar and Craig Cook in Heat 13 set the meeting up for a thrilling finish. Nicolai Klindt then saved his best ride for the penultimate race when he staved off an early attempt by Max Fricke for the lead and Toft passed Scott Nicholls. It was enough to guarantee Leicester a consolation bonus match point. Needing four points for a draw and five for a win Zagar and Cook made sure that the match points were staying in Manchester.

Lions team boss Norris Allan said: "l am absolutely delighted with our performance tonight.

"We were close until the final stages at King’s Lynn the night before but this time we did not fall away.

"We worked extremely hard and each and every one of my team found inner strength at times during the meeting to deliver some exceptional rides and whilst we did not win we took home a consolation bonus match point which I think was against the odds."

BELLE VUE 48: Matej Zagar 13+1, Craig Cook 10+3, Steve Worrall 10, Richie Worrall 6, Max Fricke 4, Scott Nicholls 3+1, Joe Jacobs 2+1

LEICESTER 42: Michael Palm Toft 13+1, Patrick Hougaard 10, Josh Auty 6+2, Szymon Wozniak 6+1, Hugh Skidmore 4, Nicolai Klindt 3, Paul Starke r/r


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