Tuesday May 09, 2017
Saturday’s East Midlands Bowl against the Coventry Bees has been re-scheduled for Friday 28th July and the Lions SGB Premiership ‘A’ fixture with Wolverhampton at Beaumont Park has a new date of Monday 15th May with a start-time of 7.30pm.

Lions Promoter David Darcy said: “We have had to act swiftly following the news that Kim Nilsson had qualified at the weekend for the Speedway European Championship in Croatia on the day we were due to meet the Wolves at Leicester. Added to that Kacper Gomolski also made it through his meeting the week before so two of our top three riders would have missed the Premiership match. Unfortunately, under the rules there is no facility for absent riders competing in this competition so we would have faced the best team on current form at the moment with two Championship riders whose individual averages were 4.00 or less.

“This has forced us to search for a new date and ideally we would have wanted to find another Saturday but whichever day we looked at their was a reason not to which was down to rider unavailability for both clubs so with the total co-operation of Wolverhampton’s management team and the two sets of riders we settled on next Monday.

“Sadly as a consequence we have had to move the East Midlands Bowl against Coventry to a new date further in the season as it would have meant two home meetings in three days. We were so looking forward to doing our bit to fly the flag for the many people working tirelessly behind the scenes. Everyone is willing to see Coventry back on its feet with a return to league action as quickly as possible. We believe that the new date should open up wider selection possibilities for building a competitive team to race against Leicester.”

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