Saturday August 26, 2017
Leicester will race a Coventry team for the East Midlands Bowl on Sunday 17th September with a start-time of 2.00pm.

The Lions Promoter David Darcy said: “We were disappointed to shelve this match twice; first of all in May and again in July but have always had it in our minds to find a new date. It just meant that we needed to ensure that we had no Premiership rain-offs but as we have been very lucky with the weather at Leicester we can now see our way clear to commit to this new date.”

A re-staging of the British Youth Championship that was abandoned at Beaumont Park last month will follow the main event for competitors in the 500cc and 250cc sections and the meeting will bring to a close this season’s competitions.

“There is something in the content for everyone. Another opportunity for our fans to cheer on the Lions and a return to the track of a Coventry team which hopefully will keep the name in the forefront of the media’s minds and to round off the afternoon a chance to watch some of the most talented youngsters of the future go through their paces. So make it a date in your diary and come along to enjoy a bumper afternoon of speedway action at Beaumont Park” added Darcy.

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