Monday November 13, 2017
SATURDAY night is no longer alright for Leicester as they prepare for regular home racing in the week.

Excitement is already mounting for the new season, even though it’s still over four months away, as fans await more news on planning for 2018.

The signing of Grand Prix sensation Martin Vaculik is a stunning start to team building and club bosses meet this weekend to discuss the immediate future of the sport at the AGM.

Fixed race nights are on the agenda for the Premiership with Monday and one other looking favourite at this stage – all aimed at avoiding a clash of fixtures with other leagues.

Watling JCB Lions promoter Neil Machin said: “It will be interesting to see what is finalised this weekend but here at Leicester we are prepared for every eventuality.

“If we have a fixture list which maximises the prospect of two fully competitive teams then that has to be a positive.

“Saturday night has been the norm in recent seasons but we have to admit there is every chance now we will be racing in the week – hopefully that will give us more consistency and we can work on special promotions during the school holidays to encourage a younger audience.”

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