Wednesday April 18, 2018
HARD-to-please heat leader Hans Andersen reckons he will be content with Leicester’s 47-43 defeat at Somerset – just not straight away.

Andersen followed in behind Krystian Pieszczek for a 5-1 that secured the Watling JCB Lions a precious point from a topsy-turvy clash at the Oaktree Arena.

Leicester had made a flying start to lead by eight points after three heats before the Rebels gradually chipped away to turn the tide.

Back-to-back 5-1s led by the impressive Charles Wright and Richard Lawson gave Somerset an eight-point cushion that was maintained until heat 15.

However, Andersen stole a march on world champion Jason Doyle out of turn two and stood firm to back up his Polish colleague to claim a deserved yield for six-man Leicester.

“Personally I made a few errors, touching the tapes being the main one but the team did really well overall,” said Andersen.

“When we look at it tomorrow, we will be pretty happy with a point but now it feels a little bit disappointing because we could have won.

“Me and some of the others boys chucked away some races. There was one where a 5-1 turned into a 3-3 but you cannot knock Somerset, they have riders like Charles Wright and Jake Allen who are good on this track.”

Pieszczek led the way with 12-paid-14 from six rides and Andersen was full of praise for the Lions number four.

“Without doubt he stood out, he was very good,” said Andersen.

“It was his first time on this track. It might not be the most difficult track but he got his set-ups spot on from the word go.

“He is a very good prospect and a great addition to our team. There will be tracks he finds difficult along the way but he worked out Leicester pretty quickly.

"England will be good for him and he will definitely be good for the Lions.”

SOMERSET 47: Jason Doyle 9+1, Richard Lawson 9+1, Charles Wright 9+1, Bradley Wilson-Dean 8+1, Jake Allen 7+1, Jack Holder 4, Jonas Jeppesen 1.

LEICESTER 43: Krystian Pieszczek 12+2, Kyle Newman 11+1, Hans Andersen 7+1, Chris Harris 6+2, Danny King 5+1, James Sarjeant 2+1, Michael Palm Toft r/r.


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