Sunday July 29, 2018
SCOTT NICHOLLS has vowed it’s time for the new Lions to “deliver” when they face Poole on Monday night.

The seven-times British Champion takes on his old side at the Paul Chapman & Sons Arena knowing it’s vital to get a win to keep their Play-Off hopes alive.

Leicester led at Wimborne Road last Wednesday until a second half meeting collapse saw them lose heavily.

Nicholls said: “There’s no reason why we can’t finish the second half of the season in really good form.

“The promotion want success and results for the fans, that’s very clear. Now it’s up to the riders to deliver.

“The team seem to have settled in pretty quick, which is so important when you change a side at this time of the year.

“I think we are all pretty experienced guys so we are used to these sorts of situations but obviously we want to pick up better results than we got at Swindon and Poole.

“I know that I can still do a good job and I’ll give it everything I’ve got. It wasn’t the scores I wanted at those tracks but I’ll keep my chin up and keep working hard.

“We probably need to pick up a decent result to get the team really going and then hopefully get on a bit of a run. That’s the aim. But it really is good to be here at Leicester.”

Nicholls has started off in steady fashion with six and seven points at Swindon and Poole but admits he wants to produce more for the Lions.

The classy ex-Great Britain ace was outstanding in his opening two rides at Wimborne Road, including a very impressive pass of Brady Kurtz.

But the Lions couldn’t deal with a surge of seven successive 5-1s from the Pirates to end their hopes of an away win.

Nicholls added: “We looked all pretty good early on but I really don’t know what Neil Middleditch put in their tea at Heat 7, but it certainly worked big time.

“We just couldn’t get off the start at all after that and they ran riot. It’s disappointing because we were in a good position at that stage.”

1.Hans Andersen 2.Ricky Wells, 3.Charles Wright, 4.Josh Auty, 5.Scott Nicholls, 6.Stuart Robson, 7.Connor Mountain.

1.Brady Kurtz, 2.Josh Grajczonek, 3.Richie Worrall, 4.Kacper Woryna, 5.Chris Harris, 6.Nicolai Klindt, 7.Frederik Jakobsen.

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