Tuesday February 19, 2019
Many fans will have seen and been impressed by Ricky Ashworth’s appearance on BBC Breakfast TV on a tandem riding high up the Manchester velodrome banking.

Although they weren’t strictly supposed to, it was inadvertently revealed that Ricky was going to attempt a solo ride at the Ben Fund Bonanza, so the organisers are happy to confirm that the intention is indeed that Ricky will ride at Leicester.

He will be assured of everyone’s support. There couldn’t be a better example of the value to the sport’s unluckiest men than the support the Ben Fund has been able to give to Ricky Ashworth.

But it can’t be stressed enough that the efforts must continue to be successful if the support for all the riders is to be maintained so a big crowd is needed at the Paul Chapman & Sons Arena, Leicester on Sunday 17th March, start time 2pm.

Another four names have been released for the field. They are Nick Morris (previously a winner in 2015 at Swindon), Charles Wright (Peterborough and Redcar this year), Scunthorpe’s Jason Garrity and a man who knows only too well the importance of the Ben Fund, Lewis Kerr.

Lewis was so grateful for the support of the Fund that he staged his own Charity Golf day to raise funds. He said “The recovery has gone fantastic, I’m more than fit again, a lot fitter than I was last year, a lot lighter and a lot better prepared. It was hard work with a lot of rehab and a hell of a lot of training, but hopefully it will benefit me for this season.

“I’m looking forward to riding at Eastbourne, I’ve been there a couple of times in the Elite League and done well there, it will be a great home track advantage I think. Everybody down there seems really nice and I know John Cook well from the year I had at Lakeside. I’m looking forward to it.

“I can’t thank the Ben Fund enough, it’s unbelievable what they did for me. I did do my golf charity day and I think I raised £1700 for them. I know it’s not a crazy amount but it all helps doesn’t it. A little something I can give back to them.”

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