Saturday May 25, 2019
LEICESTER’S National League team take a 21-point advantage into the second leg of their KO Cup quarter-final at Mildenhall on Sunday (3pm).

The Roger Webster Lion Cubs were 55-34 winners when the sides met at the Paul Chapman & Sons Arena earlier in the month, although a trip to West Row is likely to present a far sterner test.

With Luke Ruddick joining Jamie Halder on the sidelines, the Cubs have called up former Mildenhall stalwart Dan Halsey to guest in the No.3 position.

The Fen Tigers are at full strength, including David Wallinger who has returned to action after also being involved in the crash which ruled Halder out in the first leg.

Cubs co-boss Dave Howard said: “I don’t think we’ll go into the meeting with the attitude that we’re only thinking about defending.

“We’ve got a winning run started, and we want to keep that going for as long as we can.

“But certainly we’ve put ourselves in a very good position with the margin of our win in the first leg, so that’s a positive, but we know we’ve got to complete the job.

“The riders are very much of the mindset that we want to win again. They all have their own personal goals, but everyone is also willing and eager to work together, and that’s making for a very good team spirit.”

MILDENHALL: Danny Ayres, Matt Marson, David Wallinger, Charlie Brooks, Jason Edwards, Elliot Kelly, Macauley Leek.
LEICESTER: Ellis Perks, Ryan MacDonald, Dan Halsey, Jamie Halder R/R, Danyon Hume, Dan Thompson, Joe Thompson.

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