Saturday August 03, 2019
LEICESTER hand a debut to new signing Ty Proctor in Sunday’s big Championship clash with Sheffield at the Paul Chapman & Sons Arena (4pm).

Proctor has joined the Watling JCB Lions as a replacement for the injured Josh Bates, and in a major irony his first appearance for the club will be against his former side.

The Australian was in good form prior to his release by the Tigers as they looked to move back to a seven-man team following the injury to Broc Nicol, and it means Todd Kurtz and Justin Sedgmen are newcomers to the Sheffield line-up on Sunday.

Proctor said: “The team-mates I’ve left behind at Sheffield are a really good bunch of guys, and riding in my first meeting for Leicester against some good friends of mine who I’ve been riding with for most of the year is going to be an awkward situation.

“But at the end of the day I’m here to do a job and I’ve been brought here to do what I do best, and that’s to win races.

“I’ve been speaking to a lot of people lately and I think they’re right in what they say – a change really can rejuvenate things.”

Elsewhere in the Lions’ side, Aaron Summers makes a guest appearance in place of the injured Richie Worrall, and that sees him come in at No.1 with new August averages seeing skipper Scott Nicholls switch to No.5.

Following the Championship action, the Roger Webster Lion Cubs take centre stage in the semi-finals of the National League KO Cup.

The Cubs visit Stoke in the first leg on Saturday (7pm) before hosting the Potters in the return.

That means 30 heats of action on Sunday afternoon with admission prices set at £20 for adults, £17 concessions and children go free as usual.

With Luke Ruddick and Joe Thompson still on the sidelines, Mildenhall’s Matt Marson comes in to guest in the Potteries, with his team-mate Charlie Brooks taking over for the return.

LEICESTER: Aaron Summers, Ellis Perks, Ty Proctor, Ryan Douglas, Scott Nicholls, Joe Lawlor, Connor Mountain.

SHEFFIELD: Danny King, Todd Kurtz, Drew Kemp, Justin Sedgmen, Kyle Howarth, Zaine Kennedy, Josh MacDonald.

STOKE (Saturday): Tom Perry, Shelby Rutherford, Joe Lawlor, Luke Priest, Connor Coles, Kieran Douglas, Kean Dicken.

LEICESTER (Saturday): Danyon Hume, Joe Thompson R/R, Matt Marson, Dan Thompson, Ellis Perks, Ryan MacDonald, Ryan Terry-Daley.

LEICESTER (Sunday): Danyon Hume, Dan Thompson, Joe Thompson R/R, Charlie Brooks, Ellis Perks, Ryan MacDonald, Ryan Terry-Daley.

STOKE (Sunday): Tom Perry, Shelby Rutherford, Joe Lawlor, Luke Priest, David Wallinger, Kieran Douglas, Kean Dicken.

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