Saturday December 21, 2019
THOMPSON twins Dan and Joe are the first names on Leicester’s 2020 National League team sheet.

The local youngsters, who graduated from being mascots with the club, are making the big step up with the senior Lions side next year when they turn 16 on April 22.

But they will also be continuing their development with the Roger Webster Lion Cubs, who will be back to defend their league and KO Cup silverware.

Having started 2019 on assessed 2.00 averages, Joe finished the season on 6.48 whilst Dan was just behind on 5.50, with both having been involved in some thrilling racing and showing significant improvement over the season.

Their extended schedule will make for a hectic year for the popular duo, especially as they have to balance their racing with school work – but with strong support behind them, they are confident of another successful year.

Father Darren said: “We were definitely interested in riding National League again, and after the offer of a Championship place we felt that continuing in the NL would benefit them with as much time on the bikes as possible.

“With GCSEs and time taken from our business it will be a busy year, but one thing is guaranteed - the boys will always give 100 per cent.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved from sponsors, supporters and management for their terrific support, and we wish our old Cubs team-mates all the best for 2020.”

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