Monday January 27, 2020
LEICESTER Speedway are pleased to confirm track and stadium repairs are well on schedule ahead of the new season.

The club would like to express their grateful thanks to all volunteers who attended a working party at the weekend, with another planned for early next month.

On-track, a motorway blade will be used this week in order to create a smoother racing surface, and new drains are being installed on turns three and four.

And supporters will also be delighted to hear the main stand roof is set to be repaired next week after it suffered storm damage last year.

Promoter Stewart Dickson said: “We know with the way the track is shaped and sits in some areas, water tends to sit on it, and the plan is to try to get it banked in a certain way that the water runs towards the kerb, as it’s meant to.

“Work has already been undertaken on that by a JCB to dig out the inside lines around the bends.

“Whenever it rained it was almost like a saucer where the water was sitting on the track a metre-and-half out, so we’ve taken that inside line away and we’re going to try to marry it in with the blade, and also take off any other bumps.

“The Leicester track gets used a lot for Lions meetings, Cubs meetings and practice, so it badly needs this blade, and there’s also been a great deal of general maintenance going on, kickboards and so on.

“Then once the track work and drainage is done we’ll get the air-fence up, which might take a couple of weekends.

“I would think it will be well into February before we can get bikes on the track, it depends on the weather and I’d like a period for Mother Nature to do the work and let it all bed in, but after that hopefully the riders who are champing at the bit can get a spin.

“I’d like to thank all the volunteers who turned out and helped with the many duties at the weekend, it is really appreciated.”

Opening night at the Paul Chapman & Sons Arena is Saturday March 28 when the Roger Webster Lion Cubs face Belle Vue in the National League, and the club are currently looking at options for their official press day, as well as open practice sessions.

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