Monday February 15, 2021
LEICESTER promoter Stewart Dickson has paid tribute to Danyon Hume who has been released from the club’s National League team.

Hume, 24, was an outstanding captain for the Roger Webster Lion Cubs in 2019, leading the side to the league and KO Cup double in their first campaign at third-tier level.

Hume now has a Championship place confirmed with Poole for this season, and whilst the exact National League format for 2021 is yet to be decided, it is widely expected that it will run at a slightly lower level than was planned for last year.

That means the Lion Cubs will have to tweak their line-up, as Hume had been set to lead a powerful top-order quartet also including Joe Lawlor and the Thompson twins, Dan and Joe.

Dickson said: “Danyon was great for Leicester. Although I was always very mindful that I wasn’t the manager of the Cubs, I built the team with Dave Howard in charge on race-nights, and he said what a good captain Danyon was.

“He scored really well for us in 2019 and now he has a chance in the Championship with Poole, which he has to grab.

“Danyon had a spell at that level with Birmingham when I felt he didn’t really take that chance, although he didn’t get a lot of matches, so it’s really important for him this year.

“He was the captain of the double-winning Cubs side so he was really good for us, and I would always say ‘never say never.’ You never close the door on any rider because you don’t know what’s ahead in this sport twelve months or so down the line.

“We wish him well at Poole, and I have contacted (Ipswich promoter) Chris Louis and asked him to circulate Danyon’s name to National League clubs, so he may hopefully get fixed up elsewhere.”

Dickson has confirmed the club are fully committed to NL racing once again this year, and the league structure itself should become clearer after clubs stage a Zoom meeting around the end of the month.

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