Wednesday February 24, 2021
BRITISH Speedway’s National Development League will have seven clubs this year with the possibility of an eighth.

Berwick, Eastbourne and Newcastle have successfully applied to join the league which will be aimed towards encouraging new riders to come into the sport.

Belle Vue Colts will look at the fixture schedule at the National Speedway Stadium before confirming their position.

Sadly, Isle of Wight have declined the opportunity to enter the competition this year.

There will be a points limit of 35 for teams to build up to and as all clubs have fixtures at Championship level apart from Mildenhall, the league will be one home and one away meaning 12 league meetings in total – or 14 if Belle Vue confirm. There will be no play-offs or cup competitions due to the late start to the season.

British Speedway Promoters Ltd Chairman Rob Godfrey said: “The purpose of the league is to go back to the traditions of the old Conference League and we want to see new riders coming into the sport.

“We’ve often said there is talent out there in motocross and on the grass and it would be good to encourage some to try their hand at speedway.

“We realise it’s not ideal for Mildenhall to only have six home meetings but we will do what we can to help them get extra fixtures as and when required.

“Isle of Wight declining to enter is a sad moment but we must respect their decision and hope to see the sport return to Smallbrook Stadium in 2022.

“We hope to see some fresh faces coming into the sport as part of the pathway up the levels in British Speedway for younger riders and those with limited experience.”

CONFIRMED TEAMS: Armadale, Berwick, Eastbourne, Leicester, Kent, Mildenhall, Newcastle. TBC: Belle Vue Colts.

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