Thursday March 04, 2021
JAMIE Halder is the latest new signing for Leicester’s National Development League side.

Halder, 21, slots into the Roger Webster Lion Cubs side on a 4.63 average which is regarded as a bargain by many experts.

He returned his written agreement to club bosses at the weekend and is ready to impress at the Paul Chapman and Sons Arena.

It’s shaping up to be a busy year for Halder who is combining work, studying and racing with Leicester.

“I’m working four days a week from home,” he said. “I was based in Sheffield where work is but I’ve come back to Selby because I’ve been working from home for a few months now.

“I study one day a week, I’m doing engineering design and I’m enjoying that, now I have to find time for my racing.

“I’m looking forward to a busy time ahead and I want to succeed. I thank Leicester for giving me the opportunity.”

Halder joins on a modest, some would say bargain, 4.63 average and will provide valuable support to Joe Lawlor and the Thompson twins, Dan and Joe.

He won the pro class of the British Amateur Championship and the Scunthorpe Summer Championship last year.

“I was surprised about my average and I think I can do better than that,” he said. “I just want to enjoy it and if I enjoy it then I should be successful, but I also know it will be tough to be in competitive racing.

“But Leicester have shown their faith in me and I’m looking forward to rewarding them for that.”

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