Friday September 24, 2021
LEICESTER’S NDL side fell narrowly short of a league point in a 50-40 defeat at Armadale on Friday.

The Roger Webster Lion Cubs put in a battling effort in tough conditions but ultimately the Devils left them with nothing thanks to an outstanding display by Danny Phillips, who scored 14 points.

Cubs skipper Joe Thompson was the only rider to defeat Phillips, which he managed in Heat 4, and the visitors remained in contention for much of the meeting.

Not surprisingly, Thompson and brother Dan did the bulk of the scoring but there were also race wins for both Tom Spencer and Ben Trigger, whilst reserves Kai Ward and Mickie Simpson both picked up points despite also suffering disqualifications along the way.

The Devils stretched their lead to ten points with a 5-1 from William Lawson and Gregor Millar in Heat 10, with Phillips defeating Dan Thompson in a classic Heat 11 battle to leave the scores at 38-28.

The Cubs hit back with Spencer taking Heat 12, holding off Tom Woolley who came to grief, and home No.1 Lawson fell and was disqualified in Heat 13 but Phillips defeated the Thompsons in the re-run.

Heat 14 was also shared as George Rothery crashed out for the hosts, meaning the Cubs needed an advantage from the last race for a league point – but it went the Devils’ way as Phillips and Lawson gated, and although they were split by Dan Thompson on the first lap there was no further way through with Joe Thompson coming down on turn three.

Team boss Dave Howard said: “It was a tricky track because there had been a bit of rain, and it was a bit tricky going into the corners.

“Danny Phillips was just electric out of the starts for them, as was William Lawson early on, but we kept within range of a point and had a chance in the last race – but Danny made another great start.

“Joe unfortunately was about to go around William, who kind of lost it a bit, and Joe had nowhere to go – but Dan and Joe led the way with great efforts, and everybody gave absolutely everything on what was quite a tricky track.

“There were a couple of refereeing decisions where obviously things looked different from the referee’s box than they did from the pits bend, and on the video cameras, so that went against us as well.”

The Cubs now look forward to a home clash with Kent on Saturday in the second half of a double-header at the Paul Chapman & Sons Arena, where Ryan Terry-Daley will come in as a guest for the retired Joe Lawlor.

Howard added: “I just felt that with it being a double-header and having Dan and Joe riding in the first meeting, it’s always a bit of a risk running rider-replacement when you’ve got riders riding in the first part of a double-header as well.

“That’s why we decided to bring Ryan in, and obviously he knows our track from 2019 so we’re hoping he can have a good night and that we can complete the second part of a double victory for the club. We’re looking forward to it.”

ARMADALE 50: Danny Phillips 14, William Lawson 10, Archie Freeman 9+1, Gregor Millar 6+1, Tom Woolley 6, Lewis Millar 5+1, George Rothery 0
LEICESTER 40: Joe Thompson 12+1, Dan Thompson 11, Tom Spencer 7, Ben Trigger 5, Kai Ward 3, Mickie Simpson 2, Joe Lawlor r/r
NDL points: Armadale 3 Leicester 0

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