Tuesday October 12, 2021
LEICESTER will confirm their team plans for their Championship play-off semi-final trip to Poole on Wednesday morning.

The Watling JCB Lions used rider-replacement for the injured Hans Andersen against Scunthorpe on Tuesday, but intend to bring in a guest for the match at Wimborne Road.

Previous encounters in Dorset this season have not gone according to plan, and boss Stewart Dickson has stressed the need to keep things as tight as possible ahead of Saturday’s second leg.

He said: “I couldn’t go into details on booking semi-final guests beforehand because that would have been disrespectful to Scunthorpe when we hadn’t raced that match.

“But I am speaking to a rider. I have to do my duty properly and let Poole and the referee know, but I do have a rider in mind.

“We need to try to keep the tie alive, that’s very important. Poole are very good around their own circuit and they’ve chosen wisely with their guest (Zach Cook) again, which I expected them to do.

“We need to perform better as a team there, and Wednesday gives us another chance. We need to keep the tie alive for the second leg, that’s the big thing for me.”

POOLE: Steve Worrall, Danyon Hume, Rory Schlein, Ben Cook, Danny King, Zach Cook, Benjamin Basso.
LEICESTER: Nick Morris, Ryan Douglas, Dan Thompson, Kyle Howarth, Guest TBC, Joe Thompson, Zaine Kennedy.

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