Thursday January 13, 2022
LEICESTER boss Stewart Dickson believes a strong lower end in his team could be the key to success next season.

Dickson says he’s delighted with the 1-7 he’s managed to piece together for the 2022 campaign – and youngster Anders Rowe at reserve could prove to be a trump card.

He’s also pointed to the fact that Joe Thompson exceeded expectations last year and wil form a potent partnership with Rowe.

“The team has a nice balance and everyone has a job to do but I do believe having strength lower down the team is every bit as important as the top three,” said Dickson.

“I wanted Anders on board because I believe he’s capable of improving his average, particularly starting down at reserve, he could prove to be a key signing for us.

“I rate him highly, it was good to see him at Leicester for our open day putting some laps in along with the Thompson boys.

“Joe did very well last season in his first season at Championship level and I’m sure he can build on that. I’m hopeful they will prove to be strong reserves for us.”

Dickson is also expecting a season of entertainment at Beaumont Park, the home of the Paul Chapman and Sons Arena, with both the Watling JCB Lions and National League Lion Cubs in action.

“I thought from mid-season onwards last year we saw some of the best racing at Leicester since I’ve come down here,” he said.

“We brought some material in and I think we had some really entertaining racing and I’m sure it will be just the same from spring onwards.”

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