Thursday May 05, 2022
Speedway super-fan John Peers will be at Saturday’s Championship fixture against the Oxford Cheetahs.

John was last a guest of Leicester Speedway in 2018 before setting off from the stadium astride his NCX 750 bike to Asia to raise funds to buy a machine for Blood Bikes Wales.

It was an incredible ride covering a total of around 8,000 miles taking around 25 days passing through France, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

John is a 'Blood Bike' rider which is a UK Charity that provides a free rapid response medical transport service for the NHS and like John they are all volunteers whose bikes deliver blood to hospitals in urgent need.

John has raised money for charities including the Lady Taverners, Cancer Research and Children's Hospices and he rides in memory of a Leicester legend- Ila Teromaa.

Now, along with his wife Gina they are undertaking another epic journey through Europe to raise awareness about a World War 11 atrocity that happened eighty years ago now. They will be setting off from the Paradise Wildlife Speedway Museum a week on Saturday and on the way to their final destination of the journey they will be joined by more than 120 other motorcyclists from Czechia, Poland and Germany.

John and Gina will be inside the main gates of the stadium on Saturday and available to talk about their latest quest in remembrance of Operation Anthropoid and what it means to them. So please stop and say hello.

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