Monday November 20, 2023
AS Leicester Speedway heads into a new era, we'd like to thank everyone involved for their help behind the scenes in 2023.

To all of our volunteers, track staff and sponsors, your support is hugely appreciated, and a special thanks to Andy Hill for his countless hours spent on the track.

General manager Jen Crossland said: "I'd like to thank each and everyone who have assisted with the smooth running of Leicester Speedway in 2023.

"Thanks also to the Supporters' Club whose constant fund-raising efforts enable them to pay for tyres for the Lions in away matches.

"And my thanks to Stewart Dickson who offered great support with my new role this year, and I look forward to working with him and our new owner Paul Cairns next season."

We look forward to seeing many of our volunteers and helpers during the winter as we prepare for an exciting 2024 season.

The club can confirm talks on team matters are well advanced and we should be in a position to update everyone shortly, as well as providing information on season tickets and other news and information.

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