LEICESTER Lion Cubs’ No.1 Dan Thompson scored a paid maximum and broke his own NDL track record in a 56-34 victory over Kent on Saturday.

Thompson combined with hugely impressive youngster Ashton Boughen for three 5-1s before winning Heats 13 and 15, the latter in a time of 60.63 to lower the mark in the final race of the night.

Boughen was also unbeaten by an opponent prior to that race, underlining the rapid strides he is taking in the sport, and there were race wins for all of the other Cubs riders to complete the meeting.

Unfortunately they were reduced to a six-man outfit as Vinnie Foord fell in both of his opening two outings and was withdrawn from the meeting, and is set to visit hospital for checks on a wrist injury.

The Cubs took full control of the meeting with 5-1s in Heats 1 and 3 with Boughen taking the scalp of Kent No.1 Ben Morley in the first race.

Max James, Max Perry and Joe Thompson also won their openers, with Tom Spencer passing Tom Woolley to join the latter for a 5-1 in Heat 3.

Spencer took a fall his second outing before Perry rode a terrific race in the re-run to get the better of Morley from the back, whilst Boughen forced his way past Nathan Ablitt in Heat 6 for another 5-1 with Dan Thompson.

Boughen and James notched the Cubs’ fourth maximum of the night in Heat 8 before Ablitt got the Royals on the board with a win in Heat 9 whilst Woolley inherited third place as Perry took an awkward spill, but was thankfully able to walk away.

There was another 5-1 from Boughen and Dan Thompson in Heat 10 before the next race was shared when James fell after a battle with Rhys Naylor, who had somewhat surprisingly reverted to No.2 in the Kent riding order with Connor King continuing at reserve.

It made little difference to the outcome on the night although Jack Kingston gave Kent a second winner in a shared Heat 12 after bike trouble forced Perry to go from a 15m handicap, and Ablitt did well to split the Thompson twins in Heat 13.

The final two races were shared after James came to grief when holding a 5-1 with Spencer in Heat 14, whilst Dan Thompson took the track record in the last race as Boughen’s winning run finally came to an end.

Cubs manager Dave Howard said: “There were a few unfortunate incidents for our riders, but overall it was a good win and it puts in a good position to pick up the aggregate point when we go to down to Kent later in the season.

“It was a great performance from Ashton to be on a maximum before Heat 15, Dan and Joe were strong as always, and Tom also had a good performance.

“Max James was suffering from arm pump through the meeting but he had some really good rides as well so that was positive, and Max Perry too with two great wins.

“It was a comfortable win and the practice that we had earlier in the day played its part in that as well, and it’s a good gap for the away leg.

“Obviously we’re hoping for positive X-ray results from Vinnie, and we have to keep our fingers crossed for that – we’d very much like to have him in the team for our coming fixtures.”

The Lion Cubs are back at the Pidcock Motorcycles Arena, Beaumont Park next Saturday (June 3) when they host Belle Vue.

LEICESTER 56: Dan Thompson 13+2, Ashton Boughen 11+1, Joe Thompson 10, Max Perry 8, Max James 7+2, Tom Spencer 7+1, Vinnie Foord 0.
KENT 34: Nathan Ablitt 9, Ben Morley 6+1, Jack Kingston 5+1, Tom Woolley 5, Rhys Naylor 3+2, Sam Woolley 3+1, Connor King 3+1.

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